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On a way more serious note #bubblebeard

She. Owns. Everything.

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Eartha Kitt as Catwoman

before she was replaced by a white woman because batman was going to start going out with catwoman and the producers didn’t want a white man and a black woman flirting on television

Eartha Kitt (Season 3) was the one who replaced Julie Newmar (Seasons 1 & 2) as Catwoman though…and she did flirt with Batman…

"In the 1960s she made the role of Catwoman her own when she became the first black woman to achieve mainstream TV success in America with Batman, even breaking racial taboos by flirting on screen with Adam West in the lead role.” - [X]

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i literally can’t tell the difference



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  • Woman yelling at her daughter: For God's sake, you are 23 and you DO NOT need a Pooh stuffed animal.
  • Daughter: I want it and I'm buying it.
  • Woman: This is ridiculous.
  • Me: If it makes you feel any better, I'm 19 and I just bought a doll for myself.
  • All the other CMs: Yeah, you're never too old for Disney.
  • And the random guy in line with an entire Vinylmation box: To be honest, these are for me.


god what a drama queen

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after watching anaconda

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